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Jason Yap

Performer, Choreographer, Curator

"Fear Not a Lack of Opportunity, But a Lack of Preparation."

Since entering the field of performing arts, Jason has since undertaken significant roles as as a performer, instructor, choreographer, researcher and producer. Currently an ensemble member of Divadlo Štúdio Tanca Banská Bystrica (Slovakia), he holds both a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and Bachelor of Psychological Science from HELP University, Malaysia. Throughout the years, his work experiences have been wide and variedorganizing community events, facilitating special needs children as well as realizing original creative productions. 


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Besides dance, Jason has also developed a penchant towards different content such as visual arts, history, film and drama as well as maintaining scholarship in academia. Just like a comic strip, he accrues chapter by chapter, nourishing each shard of his identity with divergent knowledge in his quest towards becoming a multi-cultural, multi-faceted artist. 

Divided into three main 'identities' - the PERFORMER, CHOREOGRAPHER and CURATOR; this website welcomes you to be a self-directed docent and embark upon a kaleidoscope of his stories, arts and life. 


Contemporary, Urban, Jazz

Trained in various genres, he's danced across an eclectic range of techniques and aesthetics with the goal of expanding his versatility. Notable choreographers he's worked with include Kuik Swee Boon (SG), Leila McMillan (UK) and Zuzana Hajkova (SK). 


Local, International

He has created a host of original works comprising contemporary dance, performance art, modern jazz and urban choreography across different platforms and events. Apart from theatre productions, he has also created for site-specifics spaces and corporate gatherings.


Producer, Educator, Scholar

Despite being in the infancy stages of his performing career, versatility offstage is considered equally paramount to achieving his professional aspirations. Akin to how a curator assembles an exhibition, he fulfills his burgeoning interests in management, education and academia through alternative avenues, concurrently forging the skills to eventually transition post-performing career. 

Identity plays a prominent role in Jason's practice and often acts as the bedrock for his creative impulses. Here, a montage of videos have been specially collated for viewers to get a taste of his journey and ultimately, offer a mind map into his blueprint of identities. Wherever he goes, whenever it is, whoever is around, he always finds a reason to dance and capture these moments as living memories.


This is SHORT, but this is very SWEET. 

Life-sized Bites

Life-sized Bites


Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Email: | Tel: +421 951342115

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